Technology Portfolio

Redefining— Accuracy. Reliability. Performance.

The platform of choice for low cost operations, our product offerings and custom solutions range from addressing product reliability, improvements in drilling efficiency, precise wellbore placement, and reduction in non-productive-time. Our robust, durable MWD and LWD measurement technologies deliver the reliability and accuracy you demand in high temperature and high pressure applications.

Tensor MWD System

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  • The Tensor™ MWD platform offers directional-gamma measurements via a probe-based retrievable architecture that supports 175°C high-temperature and 20,000psi high-pressure applications.

Centerfire LWD

  • The Centerfire™ LWD platform provides signature 2MHz & 400KHz fully compensated propagation resistivity measurements via a collar-based architecture that also supports high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

ElectroTrac MWD

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  • The Electrotrac™ EM platform delivers cost-effective and high-speed electromagnetic MWD-Gamma measurements where applicable.