Electro-Trac MWD System

The Electro-Trac™ Data Fusion receiver uses multiple input channels to fuse various input/receive sources into one decodable message. This boosts the receiver’s ability to extract very weak signals from large amounts of ambient noise.

Electro-Trac Receiver Revolutionizes Underground Wireless Telemetry

Improve your drilling efficiency with the Electro-Trac Em MWD system. Well suited for conventional drilling such as vertical, directional and horizontal pad, It works equally well for unconventional drilling involving coal bed methane, coal seam gas, mining or degasification.

Our MWD system is superior to mud pulse telemetry in three important ways. With no moving parts, it has less wear and tear and simpler maintenance, so there is reduced NPT risk. Drilling efficiency is improved because of less pressure drop, hence, increased flow for improved hole cleaning. And, since the Electro-Trac system is independent of drilling fluid properties, it can operate in underbalanced drilling applications such as air, mist, foam and aerated mud.