Tensor MWD System

The Tensor MWD system’s proven design is compatible with a variety of collar diameters from 31/2in. to 91/2in. and operates at flow rates from 75 to 1,200 gpm. The Tensor MWD system is both retrievable and reseatable, minimizing rig downtime and the lost-in-hole financial risk. Tensor’s modular MWD system is designed for easy and efficient transportation to and assembly at the rigsite.

Directive – A Tensor MWD

A Paradigm Shift in Accuracy and Reliability of Directional Measurements

Directive™ is the upgraded Tensor MWD that offers significant improvements in performance and reliability to reduce non-productive time and decrease the total cost of ownership. Tensor Directional Module (DM) offers industry leading measuremen t accuracy and reliability for continuous operation at 175°C. The addition of real-time shock and vibration measurement will allow customers to monitor downhole vibrations, and take corrective measures to optimize rate of penetration. Dealing with downhole vibrations in real-time also reduces equipment damage and potential non-productive time (NPT). A simplified, ruggedized design with fewer components and improved layout ensures a longer service life. Calibration stability is now up to four times higher, allowing for less frequent trips to the shop and associated repair costs.

Directive Micro Processing Unit (MPU)

The Directive MPU is part of GE’s upgraded Tensor MWD that dramatically improves performance and reliability. Our patent-pending Directive MPU is responsible for all functionality of the MWD and LWD systems. It is retro-compatible with GE’s Tensor. As part of the Directive MWD System, it is designed to work with the Safe Area Interface and MWD software package to provide reliable downhole information.

Directive Orientation Module (OM)

instrument provides accurate and stable measurements of the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields, using measurements from the accelerometer and magnetometer packages.

Directive Triple Power Supply (TPS)

The TPS is a modular switching power supply assembly designed for use in downhole drilling applications. It provides regulated system power to the Directional Module and the rest of the MLWD system by converting the battery voltage into +5 and ±13 V supplies.