The Perspective Azimuthal Gamma Probe combines the best sensor technology with the latest in imaging software to provide the best in class, cost-effective geosteering solution.

Leading Edge Sensor Technologies

The Tensor probe based system is fully compatible with Tensor MWD and Centerfire LWD and delivers:
– High resolution Bulk Gamma
– High resolution, Stick-Slip tolerant Azi-Gamma imaging
– Survey quality Continuous Inclination measurement

The system has been designed to continue Tensor Drilling Technologies’ vision of delivering low-cost, high reliability solutions that enable operators of all sizes to compete in lucrative, unconventional operations. The Probe based system allows entry into the lucrative geosteering market at a fraction of the price of collar based alternatives.

Designed for use in horizontal, extended reach and directional wells the system allows for optimal well placement, added confidence when drilling in dipping beds and the correct determination of geological stopping points.

Employing advanced mounting technology to protect the market leading electronics allows continuous operation in the harshest of drilling environments and at temperatures of 175 ºC.

Azimuthal Gamma

The high resolution API Gamma Ray measurement drives effective well placement, assessment of formation inclination/ dipping beds, reservoir contact maximization and completions optimization. Azimuthal imaging enhances geosteering confidence and certain reaction to formation change.

Near Bit Continuous Inclination

Drawing on Tensor Drilling Technologies extensive sensor expertise the Near Bit Inclination measurement delivers market leading accuracy. Fully configurable transmission sequences allow this critical steering data set to drive accurate well placement.

Pressure Measurement

System measures annulus and bore pressure allowing calculation of Equivalent Circulating and Static Density.

Downhole RPM

System calculates maximum, minimum and average data being used to generate Stick Slip Index. High performance rotation evaluation enables the use of Dynamic Sequences with improved confidence.

High Temperature as Standard

Perspective is system of choice for hot hole applications, with 347 ºF/ 175 ºC operating temperature as a non-price premium standard.

Easily Serviceable

The Perspective system has been designed to enable easy service, test and calibration. Service turnaround in less than a day drives effective fleet utilization and so maximizes return on investment.

Traditional probe based tools severely compromise resolution to deliver a pseudo azimuthal response. The market leading sensor technology employed in Perspective delivers resolution and accuracy directly comparable to collar based tools allowing the real application of geosteering and earlier, more reliable decisions to be made.