A web-enabled MWD/LWD surface system that will increase oilfield operational efficiency and reduce operating cost – right out of the box.

Your operating data at your fingertips

As an operator or a service company, your operational efficiency and costs are seriously impacted when you can’t view your drilling operations in real time from a remote location. Standard surface systems involve costly and complex investments in hardware, software licensing and infrastructure, and often don’t provide a seamless collaborative workspace for real-time decision-making. Data acquisition, aggregation, processing, storage, and transmission from multiple vendors and platforms render data quality assurance a daunting challenge.

Instead, you need standardized operational execution through a central command center – with fewer people at the rig site. You need an easy-to-use digital MWD/LWD (Measurement While Drilling/Logging While Drilling) surface system that is agnostic in its operation and application, and that delivers operational data from the rig site to multiple concurrent users in real-time.

Real-time access to key drilling and evaluation parameters

– Increased oilfield efficiencies through remote monitoring and diagnostics
– Reduced risk with data on demand, when and where you need it, for concurrent multiple users
– Lower costs and improved HSE through fewer people at the rig site
– Seamless integration with existing infrastructure through an agnostic platform
– Lower total cost of ownership with no licensing fees or daily charges
– All you need is internet connectivity at the rig site
– Easy, automated updates, and no need for system decommissioning
– Mobile-friendly applications that allow you to view your operations while on the go.

Simply plug it in…

Visionary is a powerful plug-and-play solution with a small footprint. It works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, so there’s no need for additional hardware or software. Built on the Software as a Service (SAAS) platform, Visionary uses web-based applications and a platform-independent interface; in fact, it will work with any HTML5 browser. With multiple in/out WITS, Visionary can be integrated with third-party platforms.

With Visionary, you’ll know your data is accurate, because its raw data recordings allow playback and recalculation – while still in-hole. The data is processed using software-based decoding and adaptive filters that cancel noise from the telemetry signal.

There is no downtime needed to install updates, either. The system can be updated automatically while running whenever connectivity is established.

Connectivity to the Tensor Cloud

Visionary allows connectivity to the Tensor cloud, as a scalable Platform as a Service (PAAS) to aggregate multiple data streams, translate and map data to a uniform protocol, and run analytics.

Visionary MWD / LWD System Integration Options

Visionary can connect to the Tensor Cloud platform for data management, and advanced analytics to further help optimize operations.

Visionary gives you real-time access to key drilling and evaluation parameters, so you can make informed decision on the spot. It helps you run your drilling operations more efficiently to meet your operational targets, while optimizing costs and minimizing risk.