Tensor DT Training Program

Building on over 20 years of training provision in the M/LWD business, Tensor Drilling Technologies has an established reputation of developing employees so that they can deliver the highest quality service within the drilling market.

The Tensor DT Training Program provides both a technical domain and product specific foundation for the development of MWD and LWD service and support personnel. The program consists of a series of training modules designed to complement the ongoing development of practical skills and experience. The training program is fully integrated, and can be taken in parts, or as a series of development programs consisting of multiple components aimed at entry level to advanced experienced engineers and technicians.

Comprehensive Program

The program drives the technical development of field engineers and technicians by covering the key aspects of theory, operations, maintenance and support from initial introduction to focused operational task assessments and the application of advanced industry concepts.


The program is presented as a series of modules or courses which can be delivered as stand-alone units or integrated into defined learning plans matched to candidate profiles.


As techniques and technology continue to evolve and improve it is crucial to ensure all those involved on the support of M/LWD operations maintain a knowledge base that reflects the current best practice. The Tensor Drilling Technologies Program links directly to the company’s extensive technology base ensuring only the most up-to-date methodologies and techniques are presented.

Globally Consistent

The global footprint enjoyed by Tensor ensures a unique ability to deliver training in multiple locations and in multiple languages while maintaining the consistency of content and delivery quality that is assured by central program development. Following fundamental e-learning courses further training can be provided at dedicate d training centers or at customer base.

Cost Effective

Operational stresses make it increasingly more difficult to schedule training as it is harder to predict when personnel will be available to attend a course. The modular nature of the initial e-learning units of the Program means training can now be delivered whenever operations allow. Furthermore, by moving much of what used to be traditional training to e-learning the time that is required for traditional classroom and workshop training is greatly reduced thus reducing costs incurred though both operational down time and travel to training schools.

Program Overview

The Drilling Measurements Competency Assurance Program has a multi-layered structure that builds trainee knowledge and experience through a clearly-defined program of training and task completion.


The base level of the program consists of a set of e-learning modules. These modules are subdivided into the following groups:

Product Fundamentals

Introduce the theory of operation, operational considerations and maintenance requirements of each of the Tensor DT product lines. Presented as stand-alone introductions or as defined packages acting as foundations to further training, this modularity allows completion at a time and pace defined by the trainee.

Technical Fundamentals

Ranging from introductory courses to the drilling industry and MWD through theoretical fundamentals such Resistivity Principles to specialist covering topics such as Advanced Magnetic Surveying these courses are used as prerequisites to all other areas of the program.

Classroom/ Workshop

Product line courses are largely hands-on, giving practical instruction on the operation and maintenance of the Tensor DT systems. These courses have standardized content and delivery quality, and are presented by Tensor’s global training team to best match language and system-specific interests of attendees.

On the Job

Local Tensor experts support trainees through system operation and service, ensuring that training is accurately and effectively put into practice. Training is completed at the rig site and/or customer location, with the focus on situations that cannot be effectively simulated in the classroom or through e-learning.

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